Attention Students, Loan Seekers, and Entrepreneurs who
need more money for their personal (or business) projects...

Free Money Expert Swears Under Oath
That His Never Revealed Before Secrets
Lets Almost Anyone Legally Steal* Money!

* If you qualify, the U.S. government will gladly give you loads of cash that you never have to pay back. Simply use your free money to start your own business, pay for college, or countless other ideas…

Dear Free Money Seeker,

This letter may tick you off.

It might even make you extremely angry. But it's the same type of letter I'd write to a close family member if they were looking for free money opportunities.

If you choose to ignore this straight-to-the-heart message then you will pursue the wrong free money opportunities and blow countless hours of hard work. Worse, you'll miss out on the thousands of dollars in free money that would have been yours.

First, you need to know a few facts regarding the government grant and free money industry
(this will make it crystal clear why it is in your best interest to listen to me)

For far too long, less than honest people have been ripping off unsuspecting opportunity seekers. They've been misleading folks by selling them incomplete — or worse — inaccurate information on where to find sources of free money.

If you got taken by one of these unethical jerks, you're not alone. Don't feel bad though, because I have some good news for you. There are proven ways for you to "get free money", and do it 100% legally.

So are there really free money sources out there?

Yes — but every one of them comes with a big "IF". If you qualify... If you make less than this amount... If you live here... etc.

Hi, Dan Fisher here. After years of watching innocent people get taken to the cleaners by unethical snake oil salesmen, I've decided to do something. Unlike some of my competitors, I've decided to create a resource that works for every person — and stays current year after year.

But first let me start by exposing a few things that unethical marketers like to promote as facts...

Free Money Myth #1: “Just Talk To Your Uncle Sam
To Get All of the Free Money You'll Ever Need...”

You see the pitch on late-night TV. They tell you that you can get thousands of dollars from the federal government. Money for home improvements... college tuition... to buy a new car... whatever you want. Best of all, you can get loads of cash that you never have to pay back.

Is it true? Does the federal government have loads of cash that they can't wait to give away?

Yes and No. Every year billions of dollars are given out or 'granted' by the federal government to support various causes. Last year over 30 billion dollars was distributed by the U.S. government — and they weren't the only source of grants. Every state offers them... and so do many local townships.

To get some of the grants, it's not that easy. That leads us into our next popular myth...

Free Money Myth#2: “Free Money For Everyone!”

For starters, if you aren't an American citizen then you aren't eligible for any Federal government grants. As for those Americans who are reading this... you might be eligible but it doesn't mean you meet the qualifications for the grant.

Approximately 95% of all federal grants don't go to private citizens. They are awarded to non-profit organizations, other government agencies, private corporations with government contracts, and even state and local governments.

Think about that for a moment. That means 95% of the grants the late night hucksters and free money web sites talk about... are never given to ordinary folks like you and me.

Of course, the hucksters don't just stop there...

Free Money Myth #3: “Just Apply
For Every Type of Grant You Can Find...”

Boy can this myth cause some trouble. Most grants are awarded 1-2 times per year. Almost all grants have a deadline so if you miss it, you will have to wait as much as 12 months until the next time the grant is awarded again.

It's real easy to start "chasing" after grants, hoping to land one of them. But it's a big mistake if you do. You see, while you're chasing after one grant, you could miss the deadline on another grant... one that you should have been applying for. (In other words, focus on one grant at a time)

In fact, if you need immediate help and you don’t make a whole lot of money, then I don't even recommend grants. Start looking for something called an entitlement instead. The application process is short and you get the help you need almost immediately.

And that's what matters most: Getting the help you need and getting it fast!

So after months and month of hearing these misleading myths and outright lies...

After realizing a lot of good people will keep getting hurt using the wrong information...

... I decided to expose the lies & deception and set the record straight!


“The Truth About Government Grants Exposed”

A Powerful Step-By-Step Plan For Getting Free Money

When I decided to put together “The Truth About Government Grants Exposed”, I wasn’t sure where to begin. Heck, there's a ton of information available on every type of grant — from federal grants down to the smallest county grants! (But don't worry, I've cut it down to the very best ones for you.)

I put everything together in a special package that is designed for a single ordinary American citizen. Simply pick the type of funding you need from “The Truth About Government Grants Exposed”, follow the step-by-step plan for that funding source, and you're ready to go!

It's that easy.

Why is this important?

  • You don’t have to take the time to look for any government grant information or hire someone to research it all, because I’ve already done it for you.
  • You don’t need to spend any of your hard-earned money testing any of these step-by-step plans for finding and getting free money, because I’ve already spent my money and a lot of time to test every part of “The Truth About Government Grants Exposed”. Everything is 100% proven!
  • You can focus on doing what you really love: using your new-found money to make a difference for you or your community (rather than the rigors of looking for and applying for a grant, trying to figure out where your next round of seed money is coming from.)

This is what your “The Truth About Government Grants Exposed” will do for you. But if you want to know exactly what you get inside your copy, then...

Here’s 11 Things You'll Find Inside
“The Truth About Government Grants Exposed”...

The top 3 activities regularly paid for by government grants...
Another powerful source of free money besides grants... and you might already be qualified to receive it!
3 powerful ways to get free money for you and your loved ones...
A killer method for writing a project summary... Creates instant interest and lands the free money funding for you!
Why you might not need a grant award to get your share of free money...
How to save massive amounts of time and frustration when you apply for a grant...
The most common mistakes people make when applying for a grant... and the simple ways you can easily avoid them!
How to "grease the skids" so your grant gets approved year after year!
The #1 mistake applicants make... Do this and your grant reviewer will see red and practically stamp 'DENIED' on your application immediately!
The easiest, most successful way to getting a grant...
And so much more!

Order now & I'll toss in 3 special bonuses, but you've got to hurry!

Loved Your No-Nonsense Writing Style!

“I just wanted to send you an email and thank you for your candor in this matter. Thank you for honesty, it's refreshing.”

Tom Banks
California, USA

First, I'll include two bonus guides which are jam-packed with very useful information. They're easily valued at over $49 by themselves.

I'll include both guides with your copy of “The Truth About Government Grants Exposed” as my way of congratulating you for taking action — one of the critical keys to go from hoping for more money and getting a lump sum of free money dropped into your bank account.

Next, I'll also take the entire “The Truth About Government Grants Exposed” program and ship it to you on easy to use, Interactive CD at no additional charge. You'll be able to review the program materials whenever you want and where ever you are.

If you're thinking about waiting until a later time to get your copy of “The Truth About Government Grants Exposed” then I'm afraid you might miss out on one (or more) of these bonuses.

Right now, I'm offering these two guides as a bonus with your paid order but I'm reserving the right to remove them without further notice. In fact, I am planning on offering these free guides in the near future as a separate paid info-product of it's own.

Let me tell you a bit more about each bonus...

Special Bonus Guide #1: “College Grants Exposed”

If you're already in school or want to attend college soon, then this is a must-have manual!

When it comes to getting college grants, you need to know exactly what College Grant Reviewers will be looking for. You need a competitive edge that can help guarantee you get the money you need.

You'll even find specific information on all the major college grant foundations in the United States!

Special Bonus Guide #2:
“Grant Myths Exposed”

Let's face it: Most of the grant information on the Internet is either outdated or just bad advice.

I wanted to give you something that you could easily read in less than an hour and exposes the top 5 Government Grant myths on the Internet and reveals the real truth behind them.

No fluff, no filler — just straight answers on Government Grants!

Special Bonus #3: One-on-One Phone Consultation

It's easy to get excited about the difference getting a government grant can make in your life. It's just as easy to get confused about where to look and how to get started.

That's where my Grant Specialists come in. I've trained a team of Specialists who will call you — at no additional cost to you — and answer any questions you might have.

They'll help you get started by pointing out where you should look for free money based on where you live and what you may already be qualified for.

It's a bonus that can easily bring in thousands of dollars for you and your family! Hurry though, this bonus is only available to the next 50 customers.

For Less Than a Romantic Dinner For Two, You Can
Grab Your Own Copy of My Powerful Grants Guide...

"Thank You Dan For Telling It Like It Is."

“Wow! I wish I had known this earlier. I could have saved a ton of time and money. Thank you Dan for telling it like it is.”

Apryl Thomason
Minnesota, USA

Maybe you have already spent countless hours trying to find free money sources like the ones found inside “The Truth About Government Grants Exposed”. Chances are, your efforts hasn't paid off like it should.

The good news is, you can grab your own copy of my time-saving program for less than a nice romantic dinner for two.

Considering how much new prosperity this could bring into your life, I easily could charge a lot more for this — but I won't.

I won't give the information away for free either.

People rarely read free ebooks or reports... but they do read ebooks and reports that they paid money to get access to.

Think I'm crazy? Have you taken a look lately at how many free ebooks or reports you already have on your hard drive? If you're like me, it's dozens or even hundreds of free reports gathering "digital dust" on your computer.

"... I Couldn't Have Done It Without Your Book."

“Dan I finally got a grant to help jump start my trucking business. I had to do a little research, but I couldn't have done it without your book .”

Roy Jackson
Georgia, USA

The truth of the matter is, the information contained in “The Truth About Government Grants Exposed” is practically priceless. I want to keep hearing success stories from people who took the information contained in my powerful guide... used it... and landed a new cash windfall for themselves.

Customers have suggested I should charge as much as $97 for “The Truth About Government Grants Exposed” and I have a hard time disagreeing with them... we're talking about information that can put thousands of dollars into your bank account... and you never have to pay it back!

I realize the economy is hard on everyone these days, and people need grant funding, so for a limited time - you'll grab your copy for the criminally low price of $39.00. Thats right, normally The Truth About Grants Exposed sells for $49 but you can get yours today for $39.00!

I might remove one (or more) of the bonuses. Maybe I'll raise the price instead. Perhaps I'll do both... which means you won't get nearly as good of a deal as you can if you take action today.

If you're serious about finding and getting free money that you won't ever have to pay back, then you need to grab this this program right now. When you see how much you will transform your life for the better, this information is priceless!

But that's not just small talk. In fact...

I Believe In “The Truth About Government Grants Exposed” So Much That I'll Take All of the Risk Off of Your Shoulders and Place It Completely on Mine...

I'm going to make every effort I can to help you — so you can finally have the kind of success you've been dreaming about. But I don't want you to be worried about the money you spent for my guide.

So I'll promise you this:

Of course, to get the free money you want, you will have to spend some time applying for them— nothing worth doing is completely effortless at the beginning. But I sincerely hope you will — because when you do... I honestly believe you'll be amazed at the results. I guarantee it personally.

The fact of the matter is, if you aren't actively pursuing government grants then you're leaving money on the table.

Worse, you might be leaving a lot of money behind because you aren't using a proven system to identify and go after the money sources you're most qualified for.

Isn't it time you started collecting some extra cash? Why not breathe some warmth and fire into your ice-cold wallet before some one swoops in and sweeps your free money source away.

Aren't you ready to take your business to the next level of success — and take it there as quickly and painlessly as possible? Or if you prefer... why not have someone else pick up the tab while you focus on getting your college degree?

It's easier than you think to do. All it takes is the right plan and a little bit of action... Just get started with your own copy of “The Truth About Government Grants Exposed”. You will start using a field-tested proven system for getting government grants (and other free money sources too!) while enjoying a higher success rate of landing more and more free money sources!

    Yes Dan! I Want To Improve My Life Right Now.
    Give Me Access Immediately to Your “The Truth About Government Grants Exposed”!

    I'll tap into your years of professional experience, extensive testing, and ongoing research. I'll get access to your extensive collection of field-tested tips, tools, and tactics that helped form your exclusive free money system!

    I understand that I will never be billed again, and my total price shipped to your door is only $39.00!

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    Grab Your Own Copy of “The Truth About
    Government Grants Exposed” For Just $39.00!


To Your Success,

P.S. Nervous about looking for government grants or other free money sources? Don't be! If you're an American citizen, then it's one of your legal rights in the American Justice System. At the very least, review the free resources I've given you and then make your decision. If you aren't 100% pleased with "The Truth About Government Grants Exposed", and prefer to struggle for months with traditional financing methods instead, you can always return my product for a full refund.

P.P.S. For a limited time, one of my Government Grant experts will call you after your purchase. They'll review the course materials with you . There's no additional fee for this service... it's my way of making sure that every person who buys my course is given the best possible chance to succeed.

P.P.P.S. I've included a few special bonuses, including sending the entire course on CD to you by USPS Priority Mail. These bonuses may be removed or replaced at any time without advance notice, so don't wait! Grab your copy of "The Truth About Government Grants Exposed" right now and "lock in" the current steal of a deal special.



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